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        澳洲新闻网Calvados & Ciders澳洲新闻网
        Pays d'Auge
        Normandy - France



        Dégustation du Pommeau


        When and how to taste it ...?

        Serve cold, between 8 and 12 °C (46 and 54 °F), in a wine or port glass.

        As a general rule, Pommeau can be matched and tasted like a port.

        澳洲新闻网•  As an aperitif澳洲新闻网 :
        - straight
        - in a cocktail: pommeau can be used with calvados in some cocktails
        Cocktail Le NormandMore cocktail recipes containing pommeau >>

        澳洲新闻网•  During the meal澳洲新闻网:
        - to accompany melon
        - to accompany foie gras
        - to accompany sweet and sour and Asian dishes
        - to accompany cheeses from Normandy (Camembert etc) and blue cheeses
        - to accompany desserts based on apple or chocolate.

        No wine can rival a Pommeau or a Calvados as a match for an apple dessert.


        澳洲新闻网Pommeau Sauce: 澳洲新闻网 Melt butter and sugar in a pan without letting it colour. Add water and pommeau. Bring to the boil and remove immediately from the heat.

        澳洲新闻网 Deglazing with Pommeau 澳洲新闻网: When the food is cooked, tip the Calvados into the pan while it is still very hot, stirring/shaking to combine the Calvados with the cooking residues. Pour hot over the cooked food. Serve at once. Pommeau being a bit sweeter than Calvados, adding a touch of cider vinegar could give a better balance.

        澳洲新闻网Recipes: 澳洲新闻网
        Recipes with pommeau: oysters, scallops, rabbit, monkfish, veal, guinea fowl etc.

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        Main course recipes... >>
        Dessert recipes... >>