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        墨西哥门将Calvados & Ciders墨西哥门将
        Pays d'Auge
        Normandy - France



        Calvados tasting


        When and how do you taste it...?

        Calvados should always be tasted at room temperature, preferably in a tulip shaped glass, or one which curves in at the top to concentrate its aromas.

        墨西哥门将•  As an aperitif墨西哥门将   (young calvados):
        - neat, or with a little water or an ice cube
        - in a cocktail: calvados is an excellent base for many cocktails, such as Green Heart or the excellent Apple Mojito created by Marc Jean, Head-barman at the H?tel Normandy Barrière in Deauville.
        See other cocktail recipes containing calvados >>

        墨西哥门将•  During a meal 墨西哥门将 (most often a young calvados or one that is only slightly aged):
        - to accompany marinated fish (very cold young calvados as one would use a vodka or aquavit)
        - the "trou normand":
             a ball of apple sorbet, not too sweet, doused with calvados
        - to accompany cheeses, especially those from Normandy
             (such as Camembert or Livarot)
        - to accompany desserts based on apple or chocolate.

        No wine is wholly satisfactory as an accompaniment to apple desserts. Pommeau and Calvados make a perfect marriage for them.

        墨西哥门将•  As a digestive 墨西哥门将 (a well aged calvados is best for this):
        - on its own or with a square of dark chocolate or a cigar.


        墨西哥门将Flambéing with Calvados墨西哥门将: To succeed in flambéing, it is important to warm the calvados gently in a small pan. Once it is hot light the Calvados in the pan and tip it carefully over the dish to be flambéd.

        墨西哥门将 Deglazing with Calvados墨西哥门将: When your foodstuff is cooked, tip the Calvados into the pan while it is still very hot, stirring/shaking to combine the Calvados with the cooking residues. Pour hot over the cooked food. Serve at once.

        墨西哥门将 Recipe: Normandy style Trout for 4墨西哥门将
        4 trout, milk, flour, 1 walnut sized knob of salted butter, 2 tablespoons of Calvados, cream, salt, freshly ground black pepper, a touch of freshly grated nutmeg, juice of 1 lemon.
        Wash and gut the fish, before drying in a cloth. Dip into milk, roll in flour, and cook in very hot butter in a frying pan. Then, when they are perfectly cooked, flame with Calvados Add the cream, bubble it up for a moment or two to thicken slightly, adding a touch of nutmeg. Add the lemon juice.
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        Young Calvados:
        apple and pear, citrus, flowery hints, vanilla, toast...
        Moderately aged Calvados:
        apple and pear, citrus, dried apricot, vanilla, walnut, roasting coffee, chocolate, caramel, flowery hints...
        Very old Calvados:
        apples and pears, aromas of preserved fruits, walnuts, toasted hazelnuts, roasting coffee, chocolate, powerfully floral (rose and geranium) liquorice, undergrowth, leather...


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